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Launching in a new region presents unique challenges

Having a local expert allows you to expand your business more efficiently and effectively

Reduce burn rate

Hypothesis testing is expensive, but can be significantly reduced by partnering with someone with intimate knowledge of the local market.

Avoid costly mistakes

C-level mentors are a big investment, and having to go through the hiring and onboarding process several times can significantly slow your startup’s growth

Understand regional nuances

Visiting and personally researching new regions can be cost-prohibitive. Hiring a local who already has local insights allows you to expand further faster

Grow your community

Hiring a local expert will expand your network and allow you to reach the people you need to meet your goals.
Finding high-quality, compatible professionals is a time-consuming process

Decrease search time

Enter a new market confidently with a local expert

Need an expert in sales and/or marketing in India. We’ve had issues growing our business in India and feel like we’re missing something. We need someone well-acquainted with this market, someone who can introduce us to people and spot our mistakes. If this expert could help us with fundraising that would be ideal.
We’re looking for a strong business development manager with great sales skills and solid experience in the Middle East, interested in the blockchain industry.
We need consultations on the strategic development of the technological startup. Preferably, a CPO or CTO with experience in companies like Autodesk, Nvidia, Adobe, Epic Games, UnityTech, Meta, Snapchat.

We find and choose outstanding local experts

We validate each expert personally

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Entrepreneur experienced in Fintech, Edtech and Insurtech. Grew annual revenue from $2K to $17M. Mentors startups in different parts of their journey. Gives advice regarding communication within Indian cultural traditions, including strategy and consulting.
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Ambassador for Catalonia Government in trading and investing in Russia and CIS since 2015. He has also been a strategic consultant for companies around the world. Specializes in digital health startups, digital marketing and blockchain.
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Business mentor, serial entrepreneur, growth marketer, and international bestselling author. Helps online business owners and E-commerce entrepreneurs build and scale their business profitability.

Our team

As the Founder at Focus, he grew the company from 0 to 21 people in 2 years with an ARR of $1M in 2021. When he was the Managing Partner at Aventica, he grew the company from 5 to 135 people in 6 years with an ARR of $6M in 2021.

In addition to his experience with startups, Max also worked in finance as a Senior Consultant at Deloitte. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, traveling around the world and mountain climbing.
The Orbit CEO
Max Todua

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Our mission

Make the world of founders without borders in their head, sales and countries


Currently, we have over 190 experts from 7 countries and have onboarded more than 50 startups in various industries. Our network of experts and startups is doubling every month.
Currently, we have over 190 experts from 7 countries and have onboarded more than 50 startups in various industries. Our network of experts and startups is doubling every month.
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